Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursdays Are Boring

I mean FML for attempting to try to make an OOTD collage at school in the bathroom (and I have my back pack on ;)). But on the other hand at least no one was in there (or I wouldn't of done it). My outfit are all items you can find in other posts. My American Eagle dark jean jacket, my Roxy pink sweater (which looks like a dress on me), my With Love From CA necklace, my Fossil watch, American Eagle white wash jeans (first time I've worn actual jeans in months), last my Forever21 chestnut colored gladiator sandals (that I stole from my mother).

Currently I am in my accounting class. Go me for being such a good student and not paying attention... This whole not having a job thing is really starting to bug me. It's been a little more than 2 years where I've been constantly employed with back to back jobs and now that record is gone because my boss rather get his dick wet than have people that actually work! Men... Other than my job crisis... I wanted to talk a little about my love life (surprised to say I barely even have one). I'll be hanging with E probably all day today, bullshittin. Cause what else is there to do? I'll meet up with him after this class, we'll drive somewhere, do the whole "see ya later" thing afterwards, then I will see him after dinner. Oh, I am suppose to buy him his Halloween costume today, too -__- (buy it your facking self). These are things I had in mind tonight... Possibly movies? And... That's it. Wow, I suck. And broke. FML!

Much love,

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