Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Will You Be?

So I'm super excited to share with everyone my Halloween costumes! Good thing about being a college student is that 1. You can have more than one costume for different nights and 2. No one really gives a shit what you are. It's all in good fun! My first costume I'm being bat girl. Probably the sluttiest thing I will ever wear in my entire life. I bought that batman corset at Hot Topic and that cost me about $35 (which is a joke because it covers nothing). I'm actually going to end up cutting the cape that it came with off the straps so I can make the boobie part tighter. I am wearing that with my black faux leather jacket, booty shorts, fish net stockings, my ELLE black booties (I am probably going to break my ankle), and for make up I will probably just do extra dark eyes. If I don't get raped (that might be a little much but) I will be shocked. Next (which I am actually super excited to wear), I am being a "sexy" nerd. In the picture it's kind of hard to tell but I am wearing my booty shorts, fish nets, my black Vans, white low cut v-neck, black cardi (because it's going to be freezing), hot pink suspenders (that I got at hot topic also), and nerdy glasses which I have to remember to put masking tape in the center. I wish I could find a cute bow tie but I think all of the party and Halloween stores were selling out. I absolutely LOVE dressing up and I haven't decided what my third costume will be? Any ideas? I was thinking maybe just a standard skanky witch?

Party on and happy early Halloween this weekend to all of you who are going out, getting wasted, and dressing up!

Much love,

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