Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is It Next Weekend Yet?


Halloween has bumped it's way up to my number one. I would move to a place where it is acceptable to wear costumes all year around. Friday and Saturday I went down the city and it was crazy. Next weekend, Eric, Bekah, my friend Mike, and some others and I are going to another state college kind of in the mountains for round 2. (BTW, as you can see in the pictures, my drunk face is the "half tongue." So my bad if you think it looks trashy).

Today I am just hanging in there because apparently later tonight Hurricane Sandy will be hitting my area. Everyone is literally freaking the fuck out. I went to the super market earlier and items were flying off the shelves! It's not an apocalypse people... It's only suppose to hit us two days! We'll see what happens. Hopefully if anything, my school will be cancelled Tuesday.

I hope you all like my pictures! There are plenty more where those came from and you can bet your bottom dollar that next weekend will be just as crazy and picture filled.

Much love,

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