Saturday, November 24, 2012

Funny Disasters

This is going to be a long one. First things first, my Thanksgiving was just Thanksgiving, thanks for asking. AS YOU CAN SEE IN MY PICTURE, I was really excited for turkey. Not only was I super excited to eat some turkey, I was really super excited to see my family (I hope you can catch my sarcasm. If not, I am being 100% sarcastic). You're probably wondering to yourself, "how could you not love Thanksgiving? And how are you not pumped to see your fam?" Well I will tell you. My family and I usually eat Thanksgiving dinner every 3 months because for some reason it is just THAT good (I don't see why), so for me it really isn't that special. Also, this Thanksgiving I couldn't care if I saw my family or not. My grandparents are a different story because they both are the tits but my aunts, uncles, and cousins... Not so much. All they do is cause problems. Thanksgiving over all, even though I wanted to eat dinner outside, I made it fun with my ridiculous comments. But anyway, MOVING ON, to your right is my turkey dinner outfit (how exciting). And you guessed it, ALL American Eagle (literally, and while I am listing, please forget I have a discount). Starting at the top is my metallic loop scarf from AE and that was around $25. I am not a huge fan of scarfs but I figured it was part of the whole "fall fashion list," I mind as well give it a try (click on scarf if you want to check it out). Next is AE last season's plain, peachy, tank. A standard tank is usually around $15 which is a lot but I will admit that the quality is really nice. Unlike Hollister's tanks, they don't fall apart as easily. Next is my crystal button cardigan by AE as well (cardigan is clickable). This is a really nice cardigan that I can see myself wearing for any season. It costs about $40 (which is a shit ton so I suggest you get a coupon). My jeggings are obviously from AE and these are one of my favorites (jeggings is clickable). My boots are ONCE AGAIN, American Eagle, and they cost me around $60 with a coupon and all ya'll already know that because I have posted them before. Lastly, is my bracelet set by AE for $20 which I love and is great for stacking with my fossil watch (bracelet is clickable).

Now everyone, I want you to look at this picture closely to your left. I want you to ignore my last name but recognize the fact I emailed it TO MYSELF, the subject of the email is "I fucked All of them," and I emailed this to myself at 4:48 in the morning on Thanksgiving (in my mind clearly it was still Thanksgiving Eve). How ironic is this picture? And not only ironic, it looks like one big disaster (hence my post title). Thanksgiving "Eve" is supposedly the biggest party night of the year (more like the biggest party day in November)? But my girls and I decided we wanted to have a girls night and get drunk at my house. After getting drunk at my house... We went to the boy's house (so much for girls night). And when I mean "the boy's" house, I am talking about Eric's. And that is how that extremely memorable picture that will never be deleted was captured. 4 extraUNordinary friends, in 1 extra DRUNK hilarious photo. Clearly they would not understand why this picture is so funny to me because they don't know about... Ya know... Fucking Happy Thanksgiving guys (no pun intended but really I intended it)! With all of that being said, I wanted to point out my email address is posted and if anyone would like to email me a question or even suggestions "privately," feel free. It is and you don't have to include your name if you do not want. Just make sure you don't fuck with me and be mean and shit or I will be pissed... Just saying because it is not necessary!

Last for today is my outfit along with my fun city adventure. This outfit is 100% dedicated to my Polyvore set "New Job Day 2" but the only change is my jean selection and shoe selection. This "shimmer tweed" blazer is definitely well worth the $80 because it is adorable. I wore it today and I can't tell you how many compliments I got on it. The thermal featured is from American Eagle as well and it says on the front "fall for me" which is kind of sketchy because there is a reindeer behind it BUT I still thought it was cute for $25. Next I wore my black jeans with my black boots! As you can see to the left... My mother is a ginger. We look nothing alike it is a little scary. Her and I went to the city today and got bangin breakfast at this sort of French pub like restaurant and I must say, it was to die for. We walked around even though it was chilly and stopped in to a few stores and even the market. The market in the city is always crazy busy but it was fun. We got 4th street cookies and cannolis for my good ol' pops!

This break was quite hilarious! Since this post is already longer than I wanted it to be, I will make sure next post I will tell everyone about my first day of work (Black Friday). Much more fun to come though especially tonight... Back off to the city with everyone!

Much love,

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