Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Retail Blows

I was welcomed with open arms back in to the retail world last Sunday the 18th and I was forced to remember my last retail job... Dreadful. Don't get me wrong, American Eagle is awesome! And not only do I obsess over their clothes, I am currently totally obsessing over their Holiday 60% discount. It's not like I didn't feel comfortable or anything, I just felt like the job in general just didn't meet my expectations. I felt like everything my "trainer" was saying, I already knew! Such as don't greet every customer the same, make sure you help them put together outfits (WHICH I am a pro at doing anyway), and promote all of their promotions. At the end of our session which pretty much only consisted of was paper work, they sent me on home with only 2 hours worth of experience and told me to show up for Black Friday at 6am until 4pm... You can only imagine how stoked I am... Not only that, I don't even get my legit schedule the following Thursday SO who knows when I will even be working next? Horrible. So after Friday I am going to continue my search for a new job. Hopefully with all of the nice new clothes I will be purchasing this week, I can land a nice office job answering the phone and doing paper work. For those of you who have worked in retail know how painful retail can be.

Any who, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and break! I will be sure to post a OOTD tomorrow for Thanksgiving because I haven't in a while... Who knows, maybe you might see one of my AE Polyvore sets come to life? Hint. Hint.

Much love,

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