Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Everyone's Time Is Ticking

My title is kind of depressing but this past weekend was just that. Two people passed away only just a few days apart, both for the exact same reason, under pretty much the same circumstances and yet I am pretty sure they did not know each other at all. Weird how that works, right? I will not name names just for privacy and what not. But the first was actually my cousin's ex girlfriend who I knew personally. I met her last Christmas and only a few short months after that she began doing crazy drugs. Luckily, my cousin didn't follow her path. She was in and out of a rehab facility for the past few months but as of last Wednesday she had gotten released, then had disappeared. She reappeared Friday, and was found in the early morning dead in her bed, so thankfully and on the bright side she made it home from where ever she was and got to pass in her own bed. She died from a heroin overdose which is extremely upsetting considering her rehab clinic let her go because of good behavior and good reports. My cousin informed me Friday afternoon and even though she was an ex to him, he was still heart broken. The second death occurred on Saturday night and it was my good friend's boyfriend of 7 months. He too was killed by overdosing on numerous of different pills and cocaine. His story was that he also passed in his bed in his sleep but he was in a recovery home which is extremely unfortunate that they couldn't have found him sooner to save him.

Everyone's time is ticking (ticking fast) is extremely true. You never know when your time will be up (not trying to sound crazy depressing but it's true) and (not trying to sound cliche) you really do have to live your life to the fullest. I hate to be the bear of bad news and some what of a bitch but my personal views on overdose are quite different than others. Some people say extreme drug addiction is a disease and some people say it is just a life style choice. In my opinion, I don't feel much sympathy towards the victim of the situation but more for the family and friends going through the death of a loved one. This might seem extremely heartless but this is coming from a place where my very own cousin has an awful drug problem and how frequently my family and I try so hard to help her and even tell her directly if you do not stop you will end up dying. I feel like hard drugs are more of a preference and a life choice, and YOU and ONLY YOU can choose to do them or not and continue to do them AND put your life in jeopardy. That's just my opinion.

On the brighter side of things, I have been (healthy) addictedly addictive to L.A. Ink, the full 4 seasons, on Netflix! I so desperately want a tattoo from either Kat Von D or Nikko Hurtado. And on that note, I am starting back on my drawing game! Hopefully I won't be that typical PROCRASTINATOR that I am and I will be able to complete some pieces that I can share with you all! Last but not least, those of you who dig my sets from Polyvore, I am going to try my very hardest to put more American Eagle products together to hopefully give me more ideas for work outfits!

Love you all! And stay positive! Sorry for the depressing post. It is all just something to think about.

Much love,

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