Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas List

I forgot to mention my last post Happy December! So with that being considered, I am extra excited to show you all today what is on my Christmas list this year. I feel like the more I get older the less is on my list but the things that I do want are like extremely expensive (which is annoying to me AND my parents but I can't help it).

Christmas list item numero uno: Nine West "Vashiza" Brown Leather Riding Boots at Boscov's (of all places -__-). You can click "Nine West" and it will take you right to them on Boscov's website. These boots are absolutely adorable and they are on sale for $119. I saw these in the city and almost begged my mom to death to help me buy them but she told me these would be better as a Christmas present. I hope she gets them for me! I need a plain dark brown pair of riders desperately! The dark brown pair I have already have a royal blue zipper which is extremely difficult to match...

Christmas list item number two: Fossil's Georgia Leather Watch in black. You can click on "Fossil" and it will take you right to the watch. I am pretty much addicted to Fossil's watches and purses if you haven't already noticed on my Polyvore site. This watch isn't my ALL time favorite but considering it is only $75 it's worth putting on my list. It's still appealing and different than the one I already have so I don't feel guilty about it.

Christmas list item number three: Fossil's Maddox Satchel in brown leather. You can also click on "Fossil" and it'll take you to the bag. So pretty much this purse makes me want to pee my pants a little. So with that being said, you get the point I am overly obsessed and of course it is unfortunately $218. I am definitely going to let my mom know that this is definitely a first choice purchase for Christmas. If I don't have this bag, I think my heart will explode.

Christmas list item number four: Gap Two-Tone Classic Pea Coat. You may click on "Gap" for the jacket! I have been desperately searching for the perfect pea coat all damn fall and I finally found it just in time for Christmas. I love this one because it's freaking two-toned! Like how bangin is that? Enough said. Only thing is... Is of course... It's $148 BUT never fear, coupons are here (especially for the gap :) ).

That's pretty much everything for my parents (besides like underwear -__-) but then also I made a list for myself of things I wanted to get at American Eagle (cause duh I work there and I get discounts)!

American Eagle item numero uno: Metallic Jegging in pewter. Click on "Jegging" if you want to see! Are they not totally awesome? I haven't figured out how the hell I'd wear them but you better believe I will be working on putting something together. Oh and they are $60 which is disgusting.

American Eagle item number two: Tuxedo Blazer. Click on "Blazer" to see how cute it is! I mean it's about damn time I found a cute plain black blazer and it is also on sale for $70 so yay! Now all I need is a nice office job to go with it...

American Eagle item number three: Studded Moto Boots. Click on "Boots" to check them out. But umm... I just had a vision. How tight would these boots be with those metallic pants? Umm... Yes. You'll be seeing that outfit soon enough. Sadly (again) these are like $80 and that makes me want to shit myself.

I hope everyone enjoyed looking through my one hell of an expensive Christmas list of things that clearly my family and I can't afford but we will see what happens. Last for today I wanted to show you all my first completed solo art project I did for my good ol' friend Eric. If you guys don't know what it is, it is a hookah. To the left of the hookah is smoke if you couldn't figure that out on your own (my bad) but I hope you all get a kick out of it like I did while I was drawing it. It took me only about a hand-full of days to do. By the way, this is ALL free hand with pencil then colored with Crayola colored pencils. I used a few different hookahs on google for references but that's about it.

(PS- I haven't come up 100% what I am doing yet for DIY gifts for my friends... That'll be next time!)

Much love,

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