Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Big 1,000

I just wanted to thank everyone for tuning in to my blog and reading all of the bull shit that I have to say! With that being said I just reached over 1,000 views (not including profile views) which is really, really awesome though. I had no idea I would even reach it to 500 hundred, if that.

This week is the big finals week and I actually have been studying? I have such bad ADD when it comes to studying, I can barely focus on anything. Listen to this! I even took a "break" earlier and guess what I did (yes, me, I did this)? I washed the dishes, swept the kitchen floor, and folded the laundry. Clearly, I wanted distraction and I have been practicing on being a good housewife (LOL, JK). Besides finals, I've been struggling to keep up with my dumb job that I SO desperately want to quit (even though I only work like 2 times a week) and over all nothing exciting has happened. I haven't talked about "boys" in awhile? Maybe because I have exactly what I want (maybe...). I know I have said this before in some of my other entries but I am beginning to feel like I am not meant to have a boyfriend and be in a relationship? Which is crap (maybe it's my attitude ha ha).

Some other news... An old friend of mine is coming home this week from Florida for a few days, and on the other hand another friend of mine is going away to Texas (for boot camp) for 6 months. Both of which I am not too happy about at all (for different reasons of course). My friend Emily moved to Florida around this time last year and we kind of just grew apart. The reason I am not too thrilled about her coming is because I know there will be problems. That is just the way she is! And my best friend Adam is leaving for 6 months and... That just sounds bad! I am gonna miss the shit out of him but everyone's got to move on and do their own thing, right? He'll be home soon enough I guess.

I got to hop back to my study game for the day... So more to come later this week!

Much love,

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