Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back To Escuela

I actually don't really speak Spanish at all... I wish I did!

(For those of you who don't know "Escuela" is Spanish for school)

But any who, today couldn't have gone any smoother. I actually made it to all 4 classes on time and even better, I stayed awake! I feel like everyone but me has years of homework to do (I'm not complaining, it is not a bad thing)! And to top it all off, I unintentionally sat next to 2 adorable looking guys on 2 different occasions in 2 different classes (ok, I'll admit maybe it was intentional). And to top that off, they smelled delicious... Ha ha ha

On some other school news, I'd like to talk about the awkwardness of standing around in between classes. Let's be honest, nobody wants to admit that they feel and look like Steven Glansberg (Super Bad reference) because that is just flat out embarrassing. I don't know if people just learn to get use to it? But I felt fucking ridiculous standing there in the middle of the lobby by my damn self. And this is when you begin to pull out your phone and try all the different tricks to avoid you looking like a complete dumb ass. Everyone knows what I'm talking about! Everyone knows it when they see it (you're not fooling anyone).Ya know, the whole cell phone trick where you just stare aimlessly at your phone or just stare out in to space waiting for a friend to approach you... Well guess what? No one did. You gotta love community college.

It's just that kind of rainy day today. Enjoy! (Lazy Afternoon - Rebelution)

Much love,

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