Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye Rapunzel Hair

Here is the outfit I put together for school today! I am an American Eagle freak (I think it's my weakness). Starting from top to bottom, I'm wearing: AE lace tank, Banana Republic purple cardi, BR purple/gold chain necklace, AE light destroyed jeggings, and Forever21 copper sandals (PS, I swear my toes don't look like that in person)!

Referring back to my last entry about standing around in between classes, problem: semi-resolved! I found a couple of kids that I use to go to high school with and luckily I'm not socially awkward (I could talk to anybody, I mean anybody).

And last but not least before I get to my main topic of the day... I found a penis on Instagram and I was really taken back. Like honestly, what little boy has the balls (no pun intended) to post a "dick-pic" on Instagram? It caught me completely off guard! Apparently, there is a whole other world on the gram that I had no idea about. It's like where you tag on your photo "kik" or "kikme," others can send them nudes, too!? Mind blown. It's like one big orgy on the gram. I don't know how I feel about it.

Other than that nonsense, I am getting my hair cut this afternoon (hence the fact I made my post called "Goodbye Rapunzel Hair"). I couldn't be more scared (not of the salon but actually chopping off my hair)! I haven't cut my hair in what feels like years. Last time I cut it short, I snipped off almost 10 inches. Apparently, I looked like a soccer mom? I think I will stick with a happy-medium today, ya know? The only real reason I need it cut is because it's dead. Not only am I getting 5 or 6 inches off, I am going to try the now trending middle part! Which to me is hilarious because back in high school, I made fun of every girl (or boy) that tried to rock a middle part. Apparently it's a 2012 thing? A gram picture will be posted tomorrow, for sure (and not a nudey #kikme hahaha)!

Much love,

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