Saturday, September 8, 2012

Work Will Be The Death Of Me

(For those of you who want some humor in their life, I'm writing this while I'm taking my morning pee!) So good morning y'all!

I'm real sorry I didn't get to post yesterday and especially not posting a picture of the new hair cut (sorry not sorry)! But really, I'm not 100% comfortable with it yet. I actually went through with 7 inches, which is way more than what I intended to cut off. So I promise when I finally feel right about it and take a good picture, it'll be up (hopefully sooner than later). Did I mention I pretty much cried when I got home from the salon? (I sound like a bitch). But I guess it's only hair, right? It'll grow back.

So talking about my main title today, it should be very explanatory. Last night in my town was first Friday, it is where people decide to finally crawl out of their bat caves and actually walk around town because businesses tend to stay open longer AKA the busiest day of the month. First Friday refers to the "first Friday of the month" (gay). But last night my boss really fucked me over (not unusual). Money is really tight right now for them (which is understandable) because I'm working at their new 2nd location and they don't have enough money to hire new people (ridiculous). I've been with them for about a year now and it's never been like this until the new store. After this past month, we lost all the kids that were going away to school. So there are only 3 store girls left now (clearly, not enough). AND last night, I was all by myself up until some replacement bitch came in late. Normally, I wouldn't care because I enjoy working by myself but you have no idea how many people decided to come out last night. I was completed over-whelmed! And you're probably thinking, where was your boss during this whole thing? Good question. He bit off way more than he could chew and hosted his Sister's wedding at the other store last night! Talk about some shit. I was closing and mopping the floor (pretty much looking like Cinderella) when he showed up late last night. He apologized a trillion times and he thanked me for not dropping everything and walking out. But even though I accepted his apology, I still cursed him out and ripped him a new a-hole (I was that upset). I never wanna be that over-whelmed or stressed out again! I even started blurring out things that were completely irrelevant and that included the fact that I knew about his affair he's having and he better knock it off!

And until next time...

Much love!

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