Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bike Day

Luckily, because of my recent work tragedy, my boss let me go and not work the "Bike Night" event last night (but then again, it got post pone to today due to the storms, so TECHNICALLY I didn't get off that easy). It turned out they would host it this afternoon instead, which is when I worked! Luckily again, my boss sent me home at the end of my normal shift and told me (and I quote), "he would suffer today like I had to on Friday." OH WOW, shocking, right? Great...

"Bike Night" is my towns annual event where all of the biker gangs get together and show off their motorcycles, drink beers, and eat themselves silly. Harley folks are border-line insane... I think? My Dad owns a Harley but he isn't THAT obsessed (he does think he's cool though), so I'm thankful for that. I hopped on the back about a few hours ago and DAMN, I wish I could learn how to ride. Not just because I think it would be cool for a girl to ride like that but honestly, I love the speed (speaking of speed, I'm surprised I haven't got pulled over for speeding yet)! But anyway, we drove through the event to see what all the hype was about and holy SHIT... I honestly have never seen so many people with so many motorcycles! I'm talking about it had to be close to 3,000 dirty old dudes (I swear I'm from the east coast, not no hill-billy town ha ha). It was way too packed for our liking so we split.

Givin y'all a heads up though, I think this week will be interesting! I'm training a new girl tomorrow afternoon at work... That I hired...

Much love,

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