Saturday, September 15, 2012


I look like shit and I most definitely feel the same way. Just the way you should feel after a bangin party (bangin = awesome). I also want to pat myself on the back for not getting lost in the city, losing anything important (minus my lip ring that is now officially closing up -__-), and not throwing up on the train this morning on our way home. And when I mean "our" I mean I actually went to this party with friends... Shocking! It was like a high school reunion (one of the many reasons why I want to transfer to a school far away) and I'm talking about a legitimate high school party. There were enemies, ex-boyfriends, old friends, and the fuck ups all at one place, all at the same time. And last night may I point out that I got shit faced and I don't remember much. Apparently there was mad drama that even my mom got involved in (hence the fact that I got home this morning and she asked me what the FUCK happened) and she was going to end up driving 30 minutes at 1 AM to get my ass. I definitely over reacted (I think) because a guy friend of mine (keeping this stupid story short) has been acting like a dick to me lately and just a few days ago he texted me the dreaded, "we need to talk" text. We never ended up having the talk but I asked him if he was going to the party last night and he told me no! And guess who I saw? Him. Ok, yea... It sounds like I over reacted but what's a party if there is no good hype and drama? And let's be real here, it was obviously the vodka talking! I also discovered last night that enemies will be disguised as friends and vice versa. As one great person once said, "keep your enemies close and your frenemies closer" (or something along those lines). Which also came greatly in to play after several shots and cigarettes later, those girls that once talked so much shit behind my back grew the balls to talk to me and tell me they wanted to "catch up" -__- ... Good to know alcohol has confidence! And to top it all off my phone died early last night and I had no charger. But my memory kicked in this afternoon and I remembered I called the dumb ass. Yea... That dumb ass. The one I promised myself that I would NOT talk to ever again after that last text message I sent him (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, read my very first entry)! All I remember is I asked him why he stopped talking to me and him asking me if I was drunk. So everything else was a blur. I'm officially embarrassed.

Much love,

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