Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keep Calm And Move On

As you can see I changed my site just a bit (to give it more of a seasonal look), so I hope you like it! I also wanted to say I am a little disappointed in myself for not taking 2 minutes out of my day today to take a few pictures of my outfit. It was definitely picture worthy! But instead I will do you all a faveski and post a few links instead. (Before I post the links, I must warn you that everything IS FROM.. American Eagle, sorry!)

I am going to cut right to the chase and this is all related back to my "friend zone" entry a few days ago. I was doing some high thinking and I realized I am a better friend than what I was painted out to be when I wrote that post. He is an extremely good friend to me and I would be fucked up if I tried to sabotage his relationship with someone that he really liked (regardless if I had feelings for him or not). I know that if I were him and he were me, I would not appreciate it if he tried to break me and my boyfriend up (even though I do not have one -__-). If him and I were meant to be in a relationship, I'm sure it would of already happened by now! Clearly, we were just meant to be very good friends and his friendship to me means a lot (my only friend, really)! Soo I have decided to move on from that. I commend myself for being such a nice bitch ;)

Here is to an eventual weekend! Stay blazin my friends! (Song by my all time favorite, Wiz Khalifa)

Much love,

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