Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High Times

I hope my pictures came out right because I was going for a vintagey "Fall" look. To your top left is one of my top favorite Fall drinks, pumpkin spiced chai latte. And next to that are my new riders I got in the mail today! The light brown pair was purchased from American Eagle (go figure) and they were $60 with my AE coupon (here is the link if you wanna check em out). The darker boots are by (click on UrbanOg if you wanna reach their website) and they are apart of the "knee high boots" category and are under the bamboo montage collection. They are a little bit on the cheaper side, so I got them for $35. I love both of them because they are simple (just the way I like em). If you are coming from my Polyvore site, you've probably seen these boots used in my sets (...repeatedly). Last but not least, I was invited to go to the Phillies game last night with my friend and her boyfriend (3rd wheel status) and we got 14th row back which was totally awesome AND it was dollar dog night.

My blog today might turn off some of you but this is just who I am. I guess you could say I'm a pothead? I don't think I am exactly because to be a pothead I feel like weed needs to fully take over your life, ya know? To be honest, I smoke it at night about 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep (that 30 minutes leaves me time for the munchies)! I have an awful time trying to fall asleep and it helps me knock the fuck out and stay asleep throughout the night. Sounds a bit "drug addicty" but I was thinking it is definitely not worse than the people who take NyQuil (sorry if I spelled that wrong) or any other sleeping pills, right? Because you can overdose on them and not on Marijuana (this argument is completely stupid because I sound like a 12 year old)! Weed does not effect my work, my school performance, and my friends/family in anyway, shape, or form. Anyway, who cares! It's recreational. Last night was the first time I smoked in about a few weeks (minus the time I attempted to take dry resin hits from my bowl = fail) and I got ripped. I do this thing where every time I smoke with a new group of people I record the conversation going on via. Iphone. It's probably the funniest shit you'd ever hear. One of the other things I do is I have a list of "funny" thoughts (also located on the Iphone) and one of the things I wrote down yesterday was a fish book concept (I'm guessing a children's book). I wrote, "fish concept where they have a competition to see who (out of all the fishes) taste the best and the reason why they don't hook on to some peoples bait when people are fishing is because some fish are more "higher class" than others and want better bait," OK... What the fuck? Talk about being open minded for christ sake! I remember looking in to the mirror last night after I got out of my shower and told myself I looked like a "raccooner" (raccooner = raccoon). I'm guessing because my makeup was all over my eyes?

Much love,

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