Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Girls Or Boys?

So my post title might be a little bit misleading (I swear I'm not gay). I can't figure out which is more important... Is it more important for me to make new girl-friends? Or for me to meet a nice new guy? It hasn't left my mind at all today due to the fact I usually scope out a seat next to a cute guy in every one of my classes. But is it really worth it? I sat next to a girl this afternoon in my business class (she seemed pretty normal) and we immediately hit it off. We even walked together after class! Aww... So cute right? Lame. It's because I'm just not use to hanging out with or even making friends with girls. Team guy friends all the way! Over all, I can't seem to figure out which one is more important in my life right now? Friends or boyfriends? Hm..
As you can see to your left, I posted a few new photos I took recently. One of them being a gorgeous sunflower. Yes, yes, I did take that picture, I know it's that good ;). But I had to walk through my neighbors jungle yard to take it. Such sacrifice! But other than that, I got new black riders! Finally! I purchased them at my local JDR shoes and they were not expensive at all. Especially for the nice quality! I paid $50 for them and to top that, they have a dope fake out zipper design on the side (as you can see at the bottom).
On some other news, I got my period last night. Ha HA ha ha! Ok I didn't mean to just come out and say it but it is relevant because I can't be on that dumb sacred heart whatever diet if I have my period! Do you know how bad my cravings would be? Like a 7 month pregnant lady. Day 2 (which is today) is only THE soup and veggies (and I don't even like plain raw veggies). Can't handle it. So I'm doing it in "moderation" to make me feel better. I don't want to feel like a quitter (even though I pretty much am). Only a few more days and the lady curse will be gone and I can get back on track.

Much love,

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