Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lets Have Fun

I think I've finally had enough. I want to have fun.

I told my boss to suck it (just kidding), I want Saturdays off in October so I can actually have a life. Even though that means I am sacrificing my fat paychecks (fat = big).

Jumping right in to the rest of today's blog agenda... I am excited for tonight. Flat out, plain and simple, I think I might just pull off the unexpected. I have another good dude friend that I've been rekindling it up with these past few weeks and tonight we're doing the normal thing we always do:

1. Smoke hookah (if you don't know what that is, look it up)
2. Watch movies on Netflix

Sounds exciting, right? Wrong. I'm opening up and I'm breaking out (and up) my weed and making him smoke it. I'm not being nice. I'm making the most out of this night and if that means drugging him (along with myself), then so be it! We have never hooked up before (strangely). Ever. I mind as well just throw myself at him and see what happens. How could he refuse? He's a guy for God's sake (and stoned -__-). Ok uhh, hold up... Now reading that all back, I sound desperate and creepy as shit. But then again, I really don't care. I'm just telling you how my mind works! It's pretty sick, isn't it? What I'm trying to get at here is that I can't just be normal and try to do "things" (sounding like a 7th grade child) with him then THAT will be awkward. You might ask, (taken from Legally Blonde the movie) why now? Why this sperm? It's because I'm bored. And more importantly, I read over my last entry last night and came to the conclusion that I over think things (almost everything). I shouldn't even deliberate over stupid shit like that. Just do it. If I want to make out with someone's face, dry hump them in the driver's seat of their car, or (on a nonsexual note) sit next to a cute guy at school I shouldn't hesitate to do it. Just... Be reckless! I've had enough. Not everything has to be a "long term" thing. I'm still young (ugh... but getting older) and I should be able to do whatever. I'm not gonna hunt anymore to meet new girl friends or a boyfriend for that matter. I'm going to let them fall right in to my lap (maybe up until I'm like 20 something). I remember the good ol' days back in my Fresh meat year in high school... Ahh... I did whatever I wanted. Don't be surprised if my entries get more thoughtless and hasty. I'm starting Octobre (spanish) off like I should of started the new year last year off.

On a side note, day 4 was today and weigh in day, too. I lost 3 pounds and remember I am doing the diet in moderation! 137.2 to 134.2 so far...

Anything could happen (Ellie Goulding)

Much love,

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