Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Needed This Weekend

This weekend couldn't have went any better, honestly. It was crazy. I'm about to run through my entire weekend like it is my job. First on Friday, October 5th I worked late for "First Friday" which I probably already mentioned in one of my other posts. But if you aren't aware of what "First Friday" is, it is the first Friday of the month and apparently that is an excuse for businesses to stay open 4 hours later than normal and have "specials." And with that being said, people obviously take advantage and come out of their holes and walk around town. After I got off work, I went right to my friend's house (the one I've been trying to suck face with for the past 2 weeks now) and my other friend (who is his good friend and I've hooked up with once before) was there also. Talk about awkward.  Those guys are all about making (sexual) comments so you could tell when one or the other got uncomfortable. It was kind of funny. We just did the norm (norm = normal) and hung out. After the one kid left, I was left hanging to decide whether or not I should stick around to hang out with my friend (I should probably start using names only because I'm beginning to feel like I call everyone "my guy friend"). He offered to make me eggs (weird but nice), so I hung around expecting this egg experience to be taken further. We watched South Park for a bit and then continued the night watching Louie C.K. who is HILARIOUS. I knew nothing was going to happen the way I wanted it to but I was okay with that. He grabbed us a blanket, yada yada yada, and it was just a straight cuddle fest. Whatever, I was over it. But at the same time, I did know that if we hung out Saturday, October 6th we would get mangled (mangled = drunk) together and I would make sure something would happen! Even if that meant I had to go in and make the first move. Cheers! I went down to the city with my two girls (starting to introduce names) Bekah and Ash and went right to the Jewish frat (the one I was telling you about last entry). And I heard correctly... Those kids really did know what was up! They knew how to throw down. They were planning on 600 people but in all reality I would say it was close to 300 (still a shit load of people). They had close to 90 cases and all exclusive liquor bar (which I wasn't cool enough to see -__-) but luckily Ash brought a bottle for us to share (which is good enough for me cause I'm a light weight). I'm more of a party hopper than anything. I don't like staying at one place for too long so I contacted Eric (yes, that is his name). Eric and his friends attempted to get in to the frat but they were denied (due to maximum capacity and cops roaming around the party). So this is where things begin to get sketchy. I left the frat expecting the boys to be outside but once I got out there, they were no where to be found? Ring, ring, ring, voicemail... Ring again, no answer, ring, ring ring, what? They wouldn't even answer my calls either? I was fucked. I was all by myself and couldn't get back in to the frat because of the douche bag "brother" at the door (the girls weren't answering their phones either). So luckily, I finally got a hold of Eric and he sent me the address to the party. As if I knew were the fucking party was anyway? I don't live in the city! Another luckily, one of the brothers I had met in the fraternity walked out and as he was walking by me, he offered to take me to the street the party was on. My feet were literally on the verge of breaking but I was eager to see my friends (and to hook up with E -__-). I walked alone along the street and (typical) some random, small, creepy guy ran up to me trying to make conversation. No. I just wanted to make it to the party! At this point, I felt like 3 hours have gone by (but not really). This kid was not gonna leave me alone (I don't even remember his name) but he offered to get me in to the party my friends were at (because it was $2 a head and I was dead broke). We got in and immediately I was on the hunt to find my boys and I thought I was going to die because this kid would not stop trying to hold my hand and pull me out back to get jungle juice (jungle juice = toxic, dank ass drink that gets you trashed after two cups). All of a sudden, a ping pong ball bounced off my "Gaga" wedge and as I went down to pick it up I collided hands with (you guessed it kids) Eric. I was never more happy in all of my life to see somebody. I jumped in to his arms and I didn't ever want to let go. I went around to give all of the guys a hug and proceeded to tell them all about the kid that still wouldn't leave me alone. He was just being creepy watching alone and along the side lines waiting for me to approach him. NO, again. Now this is where I want to die (in happiness)! My plan was to go in and make all the moves first (cause clearly I didn't know what his intentions were) but I was caught by surprise... I kept grabbing his hand and he kept telling me don't worry about it "he's got it." I was slightly confused so I asked, "what do you mean you got it?" He grabbed my face and said, "this will make him go away," and he did exactly what I wanted to do... So much boo lovin (click on "boo lovin" if you don't know what that is, compliments to UrbanDictionary). I couldn't believe he actually went in for the kiss before I did? But then this kid actually approached Eric and was trying to say something about it! Like really? The whole night E had my back. After a few drinks, I was feeling pretty trippy and it was late enough where it was acceptable to start heading home. We held hands and as a typical girl and college student I complained until I was blue in the face about my feet (#girlproblems)... With out any hesitation I slept at my friend Oscar's house with E and this other kid Kev I am cool with, too. And that's where the story ends... Sorry to leave on such a sour ending but the rest is for me to know and for you to... Not know? ;) Sunday, October 7th couldn't have been a better recovering day. After hopping on the noon train, I came home, bought Wendy's (JBC plain, small fry), and slept for like 4 hours? And the weather was gloomy, rainy, and just flat out snuggle, cuddle hangover weather. You know you always feel guilty when you're hungover and you sleep throughout a gorgeous day! It's fact.     
So you can say my weekend was killer. Now the only thing left is to see if this weekend changes the way Eric and I act around each other or if we even stay good friends for that matter! I hope so. I would die if just a hook up broke up our friendship.

Side note: I'd like to tell ya'll about my outfit last night. The shoes that are shown are the ones I bought this past week (E helped me pick them out) and I actually purchased them at my local Kohl's! And guess what bitches? I'm hookin you guys up with a link to the EXACT pair! Click here to see the shoes I now call my "Gaga" wedges. They are by ELLE and they cost me about $50 (as you can see on the website). I am in absolute love with these wedges. They are extremely light in weight and if you're short like me, these 4 1/4 babies give you a nice little ego boost. Now you're probably asking, "Well, you said your feet were killing you? Why should I get them if my feet are going to hurt?" And you're right, but you're wrong. They are tremendously comfy! I don't wear shoes that aren't comfortable. The reason why my feet were killing me was because I was drunk and I was walking on uneven, crackily side walks (which hurt). And last, I wore my Forever21 royal blue and black striped, body con dress that cost me approximately $12 (I got it last season but you can find body con dresses any where). The reason I like this particular dress a lot is because it isn't too short (so you're not mooning everyone) and it has puff sleeves! So girly I can't even stand it. My outfit was sweet and simple. No accessories because I was afraid I was going to lose them.

Until next time readers! I hope your weekend was just as fab as mine ;).

Much love,

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