Thursday, October 11, 2012

Feeling Extremely Grey

May I say that today is absolutely gorgeous outside! It's about time! It was just that beautiful, I ate outside today on my break. Another thing on my agenda for today is Eric and I are going to the outlets (if he isn't sick). I can't wait to shop. But as you can see I did another outfit collage, which is what I am rockin on this cool fall day. I can tell you all right now that you're gonna be seeing a lot of heavy sweaters and cardigans. So with that being said... My husky dark grey cardigan is from the Gap and it was on sale last season for around $30 (pretty good deal). It's perfect for fall and winter because it's SUPER long. I also love it because you know how some thick sweaters can be itchy? This one is not what so ever. Next is the adorable dark grey flower print T I got from J.Crew for about $20 (J.Crew is so expensive, even at the outlets). You can wear that T with seriously anything. Next (which isn't shown) are my favorite black jeggings I got on sale at Aeropostale. I'm pretty sure they cost me around $20 and they are "short," YAY (cause I'm only 5 foot). Next are my black boots I got from JDR (haven't discovered what brand they are yet) and they were around $50. Last but definitely not least is my ring that I bought at Charlotte Russe! One of the best places to get cheap cocktail rings besides Forev. It's adorbs and it only cost me like $8. It kinda matches my shirt perfectly? I loves it. Even though the weather is almost too good to be true, my grey and dull colored outfit fits my mood to a T. I need to go see a doctor. Every time I eat or even drink (so it is not heart burn) I get horrible chest and back pains! I honestly don't even wanna eat, it's sad. It is putting me in a bad mood. I hope it isn't something "bad." Hopefully I won't die between now and my next post because I'd like to explain what it is.

Off to the outlets!

Much love,

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