Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last Season Can Kiss My...

So I am extremely excited to share with you all today some good news, then some GREAT news. My good news is that I took a trip to my doctor and he swears that I am okay! He claims I just burnt a small hole in my esophagus by not taking enough water with my medicine. Oh so I guess that's no big deal, right? But already today it feels 10 times better. Then the great news would obviously have to be all my fabulous new purchases from the outlets on Thursday. First off I'd like to say if you're coming from my Polyvore page you can find a sample outfit of the sweater in the bottom right corner! It is under "Feeling Casual" (click feeling casual if you'd like to see). My sweater is from Pacsun but made by Roxy. I tried it on and I fell in love instantly because I shockingly have nothing like this. It is very light, flowy, and almost kind of distressed. I purchased it at the outlets for around $20 and if you want to see for yourself, here is a link to the shirt on (click on Pacsun for the sweater)! Also from Pacsun I bought a necklace to go along with the Roxy sweater and that is made by With Love From CA. It is SO cute and I could probably pair it with almost anything peachy (which is great for me because that's my favorite color). Click here for the exact necklace! Last but MOST DEFINITELY NOT LEAST (sorry for the caps but it is just that big of a deal), Eric convinced me to get my very first watch. I have been literally dying for one so I decided to just go for it. This particular watch is from my most favorite brand of purses, Fossil. I feel like Fossil is so underrated compared to the standard Coach or even now Michael Kohrs. I don't give a shit how much you paid for your stupid Michael Kohrs watch, my watch is classy and simple as fuck and you can't compete with that (actually you probably can but let me gloat for a minute). But as you can see I am in love. It's got a nice big face, visible numbers, and I totally dig the steel. At first I was aiming for leather but hell, silver/steel goes with EVERYTHING. I paid around $100 for it and to me that is a steel (HA HA no pun intended, actually yea it was). And yes I know... Jess, It's so "last season" but that whole "last season" thing can kiss my ass. I like it just the way it is for THIS season :). If you'd like to check out the more expensive and "this season's" style of this Fossil watch click here. I got a couple of other things too from Banana Republic but you all will probably be seeing them soon in my "outfit of the day" portion in my posts. Overall, it was a pretty successful shopping night and making it even better E came along and I helped him pick out a few things ;).

Last night was fun. Bekah, Ash, and I met up at the hookah place near our high school because apparently every Friday night they throw down? News to me. A few other kids showed up from our community college (that sounds so lame) that we're chill with and in general, we all just had a good time. This weekend (obviously) is no where near as great as last weekend BUT I am okay with that. I'm hoping that this up coming week will fly by and I'll be back in the city again by Friday night with the guys and possibly my lady friends, too. Thankfully, I had today off (the start of me having Saturdays off from work for good) and I had time to clean and take my little sister out to eat.

Until next time my lovely readers!

Much love,

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