Monday, October 15, 2012

You're Not Fooling Me


Drama, drama, drama. Yesterday morning my boss texted me saying, "I got Ben (one of my co-workers) to cover your shift, I need you to work at the other store today." I accepted and not only that he texted back to say, "BTW make sure you bring your key" (the key is for the store I work in for when I close up). For some reason I didn't think anything of it at all. After I worked my shift, he proceeded to take my key and say, "follow me." Still... I didn't think anything of it. He told me that he was going to "take me off the schedule" (okay, now I was like wtf) and said, "we aren't on the same page and I need a leader for the store." Like I'm sorry dude, you've got to be kidding me? Keep in mind I've been working for them for more than a year and have been more than helpful whenever they needed anything so this was shocking as shit! He also began to tell me that every time he's been in the store he finds moldy items... And who's fault is that jackass? I'm not the morning person! The bitch you're sleeping with is (OOPS! I didn't actually say that to him but I was thinking that). Being the nice girl that I am I said, "I think you're making a big mistake. I come in every day and I find a million things that haven't been done. Angi (the bitch) and Ben do absolutely nothing besides text and talk to their friends." Thinking that this would change his mind, the only thing he said was, "you're probably right. I'll probably be kicking myself in the ass in 2 weeks." So clearly he knows I was right? I told him I was shocked! And I honestly thought that I was the only one that ever did work and to top that I was the only one willing to train new people. After I said my peace, he completely changed his story (this is where shit begins to get sketch). Not only was I not a "leader," apparently I have had a bad attitude lately and he didn't appreciate that. Bad attitude? Oh god... Please. I asked him to please give me an example and there was no valid example given. Go figure! But since I am professional, I still apologized for ever giving him attitude. So this is where it gets even MORE weird. Even though technically he unquestionably was firing me, he told me if I still wanted to work at the OTHER store, I could. Wait what? So you mean to tell me that even though I'm not a "leader" and that I evidently have a bad attitude, you'll still let me work at the OTHER store? Just not the store I work at now? -__- Really? At that point I told him to let me know when my pay check was in then I peaced out. So you're probably thinking to yourself... Okay, so what happens now? Why did he REALLY fire you? Well trust me, I was thinking that, too!

More drama. Today (approximately 2 hours ago), the baker at my work texted me only to let me know that now that I was gone, that bitch Angi officially opened her giant pie hole (LOL I worked at a bakery.. PIE hole) and told her that she knew my boss was going to fire me WEEKS ago. Well pretty much there is my answer. The reason why he fired me is because I knew something fishy was going on between them two and he didn't want me to tell! Wow. Funny thing is I am pretty sure I mentioned their affair entries ago! Whatever. I'm over it but I am excited to receive my last paycheck and let his fucking dumb ass know he didn't fool me. I know exactly the reason why he fired me and I think that's extremely shitty of him. Happily for me, I will be filing for unemployment. Sadly for him, he lost my entire friends and family's business. I hope to never have to set foot in that shit hole ever again!

Much love,

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