Friday, December 21, 2012

So Long, Retail

I officially quit that dumb retail job today. I figured that Christmas is just around the corner and I'll be getting some Christmas money from my grandmom and pop then also my aunt and uncle on my dad's side of the family (so we're talking like $150). Then even though I quit today, I popped in and got my paycheck and surprisingly it was $135 (not bad) and THEN finally, I have another paycheck in the next 2 weeks that'll shoot through the mail. That all can hold me off until I find a new job. I'm boarder-line desperate so someone has got to hire me somewhere and soon! I decided to quit because I just couldn't take it anymore... No amount of money is worth working there especially with those people.

I don't have a lot going on right now besides the fact that I got a freaking 3.12 GPA this semester, and you don't even know, that is DAMN good for me! An A in math and B's in accounting, business, and English. All of my studying actually paid off for once (even though I told ya'll I can't study for shit). Besides all of that, break has been pretty good so far. All of the homies are coming home from school, some good, some bad but over all though I've just been with the same people. Tomorrow is another one of my "girls night" events with my Jew girls and we're planning on decorating our cheap wine glasses we had got, hot tubing, drinking, watching Christmas movies, then later on as usual probably leaving at like 1 AM to go see the boys. Yea... That kind of night! It'll be interesting. We'll see what happens, generally because all of the guys I've hooked up in the past will most likely be there. Yea... That night...

Pictures and what not later this weekend!

(By the way, the world didn't end. Good to be writing for everyone today as usual).

Much love,

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