Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bad News

I was really looking forward to dedicating this post to my first day on the job but unfortunately, just the other day the boss lady called me while I was sleeping, left me a voicemail, and told me that "she regretted to inform me that they decided to fill the position with someone who would be able to do full time instead of part time." So looks to me I am back to square one again. I am beside myself because not only does this mean I am not bringing in any money, I kind of let down my parents. They are just as bummed (if not more bummed) about me not having a job! Along with that, I have a car to fix... I have no car because of my accident! At least I am thankful that I have friends that live close by and don't mind scooping me up when ever we have plans. This break so far has been FULL of ups and downs...

On some other news... My parents are talking about moving down SOUTH! How insane is that? I am not objecting at all at this point. I would love to meet new people and plus it will be warmer. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

I took my first panorama picture today! I woke up and decided to clean the entire house (including my room). Considering I wasn't able to do an OOTD today, I'll show you my room. My bedding includes everything from sheets, shams, duvet cover, quilt, and decorative pillow from PBTeen.com. All of my furniture and chair is from Ikea.com and my rug is from my local Home Goods. I also used Pinterest to find DIY words on canvas! I did 4 canvas boards that I purchased at my local craft store and used my favorite song lyrics from the song Closer To Love by Mat Kearny. The orange board says "IF EVERY BUILDING FALLS," the dark pink board says "AND ALL THE STARS FADE," the light pink board on the right says "WE'LL STILL BE SINGING THIS SONG," and last the brown board says "THE ONE THEY CAN'T TAKE AWAY." I change my room like every other year but this set up is my all time favorite and I refuse to change it (unless I move of course).

More later loves!

Much love,

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