Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's Good 2013

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but a lot has happened in the past couple of days. Over the weekend I got in to a car accident so now I feel like I'm on house arrest or something? The front of my car looks like a fucking accordion. When it happened... I almost shit myself and I had so much adrenaline when I got home I couldn't even keep calm and talk to my parents, I was just crying and shaking all over like a little bitch. See what happened was (and yes, I am fully aware this was 100% my fault) that the day before I decided I was going to create a formal resume (sorry I don't have the cool accent e's), go on Craigslist, and apply for some office jobs. That next day I got a call from one of the places I had applied to and they wanted to interview me that day. That's where I was going when I rear ended some chick because my GOD DAMN GPS stopped working. I panicked and I wasn't paying attention. But with some bad, there comes some good! Next day, went to the interview and I got the job. I start the 8th and I am praying that it'll work out. I'll be the receptionist for some new spa place. It'll be interesting!

But anyways... Happy fucking New Year everyone! The big 2013! I wish I had a picture of the outfit I wore to the party I had went to but I have a link to the new jacket I wore (the outfit was a HUGE hit, if you know what I mean ;) ). I wore this black and white color block moto from Forever 21 (click Forever). With that I wore a black and white striped shirt underneath, my faux leather leggings (cheap ones from Sears), and my Elle heal booties. I killed it. Besides my outfit, I had a great time. I kissed everyone at the party and I became really close with my best friend Adam's (the guy who is in the air force) girlfriend, Rikki. She's a real sweetheart. Didn't realize how reckless everyone was until the next day. It was hilarious! And by the way, I think I finally broke my New Year's Eve curse. For the past 3 years I have spent NYE in my bed with a fever. I would wake up and everything would be all fine and dandy until like 6PM and my fever would kick in (super random). But this year, I made it out, and saw that ball drop! HOLLA!

That's it for today. I hope every one had a great NYE! And PS, I have been practicing and putting together some work outfits. This one is my favorite so far. This is my awesome leopard blouse, black cardi, AE dark jeggings, new brown boots (I got for xmas), and my new fossil purse! More soon?

Much love,

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